Lead/Senior Software Engineer

About Engineering Team at Dat Bike

We are a very small team of people coming from different engineering backgrounds. While some of us might have earned degrees or working experience in a particular engineering field, we all consider ourselves generalists. Each of us actively participates in discussions on product design, prototyping, user experience, and more. We want to learn new things and build new things.

You will be one of the first software engineers at Dat Bike. We don’t use the traditional Fullstack/Backend/Frontend classifications. Instead, you will be using your excellent problem solving skills to build and improve the Dat Bike experience for our users, as long as it involves writing code (or sometimes not).

Job Description

Build software infrastructure nearly from scratch

Create product requirement by self brainstorming and working with stakeholders

Build a small software team with backend, frontend, data and mobile engineers

Manage the work of all team members


Similar role as engineering manager, team leader, or even senior engineer with 5-7 years of experience

Very good software foundation e.g. algorithm, database, design pattern, data structure, etc.

No programming language required

Able to run the technical interview

Experience in management and build up a team (not so experience is okay)


3 meals a day and a place to stay (if you don’t yet have)

Free soda, drink as much as you want

Social security + insurance

Cash + meaningful equity compensation

50% discount price to buy a Dat Bike

Short-term programs to develop skills and knowledge


Dat Bike Factory, CN10, Tan Binh Industrial Zone, Tay Thanh, Tan Phu, Ho Chi Minh City

To Apply

Please send email to jobs@dat.bike with subject: "Fullname - Position"